What is your deepest fantasy?

Laura’ life begins early in the morning, like simply everyone’s. She wakes up, has a cold shower and finally arrives at work at 10 pm. She opens her laptop and start reading all of her emails.

But unlike the ordinary messages most people open up in the morning, Laura’s inbox is full of messages of various men’s fantasies. She is London’s top professional dominatrix and she has, for the first time in her 10-year career, decided to tell her story.

“It was kind of experimentation, I was into it for about five years before and got to know a few pro-dommes in London and I thought it sounded like fun. So, I thought I’ll give it a try. Ten years later, here we are,” she told as she sat in her premises.

At her London property, Mistress Laura has four exclusive rooms for clients to enjoy these activities. The first is a typical dungeon with every type of whipping, spanking and flogging device a person could think of.

Just down the hall is the schoolroom, where Teacher will check her pupil’s spelling and severely reprimand him for chatting during lessons.

It is set up like an old fashioned classroom with a blackboard at the front and a copy of the declaration on the wall. Around the room you’ll find canes, wooden paddles, a hockey stick – and a copy of Soundings, of course.

Clients can dress up like pupils, with a collection of clothes, suitable for them. Here she is going to behave to her clients as they were bad boys in class, spanking them, punishing them and make them lick her boots because they misbehave.

Her favorite room, though, is the white room. It is cold and clinical and just a little upsetting. In this room, Lara will bind her client in a straightjacket, lay him down on the bed and test on him.

She might start with a urethral sound, which is essentially a long probe she inserts into the urethra, or perhaps hook him up to the milking machine .For those who enjoy BDSM, is can be as psychological as it is physical and that is why Laura put so much effort into these play rooms.

Many simply enjoy the pain of being slapped, whipped, pinched and probed, but for others it is all about handing over control to another person.

Though she has come up against blame from people London’s fetish community who claim she is only in this for the money – she charges €250 for two hours of her time – Laura says she gets real pleasure and fulfillment out of her job.

“I don’t know why. I can’t explain it. It’s like when you talk to somebody who’s on the receiving end, the submissive or the masochist, and they can’t explain why they get such a buzz out of it. I can’t explain either.

To look at and to speak to, Laura is one of the last people you would suspect is secretly tying men up. She is a tiny brunette, she comes across as chatty, funny and kind and this soft side of her is something she thinks appeals to her clients. She will often sit down with a client at the end of a meeting and chat with them over a cup of tea.

Laura’s clients range in age from 25 to 70. She won’t take anyone under the age of 25 because, as she put it, “you’d want to be a total bitch to be taking money off an 18-year-old”.

The most common requests are for dungeon plays like bondage, spanking and ‘cock and balls torture’ or medical play with hoods, gas masks and those urethral sounds mentioned earlier.

There is no denying the actions that take place on Laura’s properties are of a sexual nature. If you were invited to observe two meetings with regular clients of the London mistress, you would realize that both men were clearly highly aroused throughout.

Any man who wants to be one of the mistress’ customers is made aware of the rules before they even set foot in the door. They are not permitted to touch her, she will not get naked for them and she surely will not be having sex with them.

“I’ve no problem with ejaculation or whatever, but I don’t participate, that’s not my thing at all,” she added. She also stressed that she makes a tax return every year, listed as self-employed – there is just no ‘professional dominatrix’ box to tick on Revenue tax forms.

She rejects any kind of association to an escort and Laura claims she is the only real professional dominatrix in the country. When she first got into the fetish section, dommes were seen as “untouchable”, she explained.

The mistress said there is “not a living soul” who does not have a fetish – they just may not call it a fetish. “A man says he loves to see his wife wearing leggings, Valentine’s weekend she gets the stocking and suspender belt out, and he likes it. That’s a fetish – he likes it, it tickles his fancy in some way. That is a fetish.”

Laura would like to be able to go public, to tell the world what she does and that she’s proud of it, but because of the public view of her job she has not even told her family. She hopes giving a look into her world will help lift the stigma.

“I want people to know that it’s not sleazy, that it’s not some kind of thing up a dark alley on a Friday night. That people who involve in it are usually pretty clued in, they are educated and creative people.